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Features of the app

Chances are, you have a training buddy or performance coach.
We want both of you to join FoodBuddy.
Here's why:

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No Guesswork

"Is it OK for my well-being or endurance diet?..", "Would I burn it out?..", "Is it healthy or not?.." - FoodBuddy knows how hard it is for first-timers, and even for experienced mara-/half-/full-/70.3 athletes. The guessing of "Uhm... What to eat". Trust FoodBuddy's advice, local to where you are, and best fit for your nutrition plan.

benefits of product

It's Your Choice of Food

No closing hours, particular diet restrictions, or tie-up to delivery. Manage yourself. Eat (but don't compensate!) at 11:00pm, follow Paleo diet, do Ketogenic or become a vegan. It's all up to you! FoodBuddy app would learn from your choices and still advise the best food that you would benefit from.

benefits of product

Follow Athletes

Runners, Cyclists, Marathoners, MTB-ers, Yoga Geeks, Swimmers, Triathletes, - everyone got their secret sauces and foodie picks. FoodBuddy gives access to invaluable experience, tips and tricks around nutrition, with directions. Follow other athletes to become as endurant and fast as they are!

Share What's On Your Plate

Be A Role Model, Share What's On Your Plate

Having a bite at a cafe? Cooking at home? Compose your food choice once using our fancy-looking Ingredients Database, and share it to Instagram or Facebook.

  • Track your own food via Food Buddy app.
  • Share your servings on Instagram.
  • Because... athlete's food looks SO YUMMY to the rest of the folks out there!
Radar and Advisor

Food Radar for Next Meal

Unlike many other apps that just find restaurants, FoodBuddy's helps you locate the next meal that is best for your endurance. Food advice are derived from your training statistics and progress through your two-rule endurance diet.

  • Each meal in the database has food quality categories based on nutrition breakdown.
  • Advices are location and day-to-week nutrition plan based.
  • Database is grown by FoodBuddy athletes. Be a role model! Share what you eat!

As your city's local database hits critical mass, FoodBuddy's Hadoop cluster will compare food, similar athletes, and popularity of places. It will derive common choices, and train a model of your local taste to match your preferences.

Two-Rule Diet Tracker

Based on Two-Rule Endurance Diet

This nutrition plan, written up in his books by athlete, running coach and nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald, is what top endurance athletes kept as an ULTRA secret for long time:

  • Fuel your body with just as much carbohydrates as you need for training.
  • Eating high-quality food for satiety and becoming lean.

FoodBuddy tracker creates your Two-Rule plan for you, based on your training statistics from Garmin Connect and weight. Have that brownie - but ensure your overall week looks good, and don't over-eat carbs!..


Here're some endorsements from real-world athletes that we've reached out to.


Nutrition is essential for my performance. I endorse the idea of sharing what athletes eat. We anyway post it to Facebook and Instagram, - now, let's start doing it in a useful manner!

Germany— Thomas Lurz, Open Water Swimmer, 10km Silver (London 2012)

Tracking and sharing nutrition choices is an awesome idea. I'm as focused on nutrion as on training, and I'd love to track the food choices of my trainees. Also, want to locate healthy food, and learn from other athletes, who eats what.

Russia— Maria Lemeseva, Triathlon Coach, 12 x Full, 14 x 70.3

In Singapore, and around Asia, finding healthy food is annoyin challenge for triathlete. I want to learn more about food that other athletes prefer. Totally agree that sharing dietary suggestions among athletes is what help our communities to develop further.

Singapore— Enrico Varella, Leadership Consultant, 18 x Full, 70.3 WC 08/09, Boston Marathon 2014

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